Terms and Conditions for hire

Terms and Conditions of Hire

All hires are subject to these terms and conditions

The equipment is available for hire only to persons over 18 who can provide adequate proof of identity and current accomodation and permanent address.

Only a responsible adult may hire equipment for the use of persons under the age of eighteen..

The hirer is responsible for the safety of the riders whilst using the equipment

The hirer is responsible for the users compliance with all the recommendations of the Highway Code and when not on roads the Country code should be adhered to

Users of the equipment are asssumed to be under the direction or supervision of a responsible adult at all times

The hirer is responsible for the care and maintenance of the equipment when in his possession.

We do not supply stunt or jump bikes so please do not use them as such all damages caused by such misuse will be charged to the hirer

Equipment security is the resposibility of the hirer and consequently should not be left unattended for any time without the security chain attached.

Tyre puncture is a normal risk associated with cycling. Punctures are the responsibility of the hirer.  The hirer has the option of hiring a puncture repair toolbag which contains the equipment required to effect repair and carry on with the run.

Upon return of the toolbag any items used will be charged at list rate.

If Argyll Bikes are required to attend a bike to effect puncture repairs this work is chargeable at the rate of £15:00 per hour plus mileage @ 40p /mile plus parts at list rate.

Any other necessary running repairs will be the responsibility of the owner on a return to Base basis.

The hirer is responsibe for the return of the equipment within the specified time items returned outwith the normal hours may be subject to additional hire charges

Any items returned in an exceptionally dirty condition will incur a cleaning charge of £10:00

The owner reserves the right to levy charges to the hirer for all repairs to the equipment which are, in the opinion of the owner, clearly the result of lack of care and maintenance of the user.

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For booking enquiries please contact Matt on 07771 844786 or email argyllbikehire@gmail.com